Governance of the Program

The Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Digitalization, through the Secretary General of the Treasury and International Financing, has administrative jurisdiction over the issuance of government debt. However, given the multifaceted nature of environmental policy and the importance of having a solid Green Bond Program, the Treasury decided to create a Working Group with other Ministries. This Working Group helps the Treasury receive information and support from different management centers of the Public Administration, and their sectorial experts, who manage the execution of specific programs. 

In this regard, on March 5th 2021, the Government’s Delegated Commission on Economic Affairs (CDGAE) agreed on the creation of the Working Group for the Structuring of Sovereign Green Bonds of the Kingdom of Spain and the Promotion of Sustainable Finance. This Working Group brings together representatives on a Director General level from Ministries with spending that can be associated to potential green bond issuance by the Kingdom of Spain. 

The Green Bond Program will be coordinated by this Working Group, presided by the Director General of the Treasury and Financial Policy, with the Director General of the Spanish Office for Climate Change as vice-president. The Working Group has representation from the following departments: 

  • Ministry of Economy and Digitalization (presidency). ​ 

  • Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (vice-presidency)​. 

  • Ministry of Finance and Public Function. 

  • Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.​ 

  • Ministry of Science and Innovation. ​ 

  • Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.​ 

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. ​