Publication of auction results

  • Auction results are made known by procedures that guarantee the most equal information to all operators. Specifically, they are published on the day of the auction in Internet (, Reuters (TESORES 07 Y TESORES 08), Bloomberg (TES05 Y TES06) and Telerate (38631/2 y 38633/4). They are also printed in the Boletín Oficial del Estado pursuant to the Resolution of the General Directorate of the Treasury and Financial Policy.
  •  The information published includes:
  1. nominal amount bid
  2. nominal amount allocated
  3. stop-out price
  4. rounded-off weighted average price of accepted bids
  5. price or prices payable on the debt allocated
  6. The internal rate of return corresponding to the weighted average price and stop-out price of Letras, Bonos and Obligaciones auctions (see Yield calculations for a detailed explanation of how these values are worked out).