Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences

The promotion and coordination of the implementation of measures to prevent money laundering, as well as the resolution of disciplinary proceedings for breach of the obligations of prevention, correspond to the Commission.

The Commission is a collegiate body under Secretariat of State for Economy and Business Support, and it is composed by the holder of this Secretary of State, who presides it, and by representatives of the Prosecutor's Office, Ministries and institutions competent in this matter (Police, Civil Guard, Customs, financial and tax Inspection, Data Protection, National Intelligence Center), representatives of supervisory bodies of financial institutions (Bank of Spain, National Securities Market Commission, DG Insurance) and representatives of the Autonomous Communities competent in the protection of individuals and property and for the maintenance of public safety.

The Commission may act in Plenary session or through a Standing Committee, or though the Committee of Financial Intelligence. To fulfill its functions, it has the support of the Executive Service of the Commission (SEPBLAC) and of the COMMISSION SECRETARIAT whose powers are exercised by the Sub-Directorate General of Inspection and Control of Capital Movements.

Organigrama Comisión