Public Issuers Coordination

The main purpose of the Sub-directorate General for Public Emitter Coordination [Subdirección General de Coordinación de Emisores Públicos] is to ensure the coordination of debt transactions of the different public agents intervening in the markets, ensuring sustainability of public finances and maximum economic efficiency, through five key areas:

  • RELATIONSHIP WITH AUTONOMIC COMMUNITIES AND LOCAL ENTITIES : technical support and advice in debt transactions, management of the support mechanisms from the state to the Autonomic Communities and Local Entities (Financing Fund to Autonomous Communities and Financing Funds for Local Entitles), as well as the establishment of the financial principle of prudence which these operations must be subject to.
  • EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK: permanent representation and coordination of the Spanish policies in the European Investment Bank.
  • PROCESSING GUARANTEES for the Central State Administration [Administración General del Estado] and coordination of the indebtedness of bodies belonging to the public sector.
  • MANAGEMENT OF THE SECURITISATION FUND OF THE ELECTRIC DEFICIT AND ADVICE FOR OTHER STATE FUNDS in investment terms, such as the Reserve Fund of the Social Security or the securitisation funds for loans to SMEs.
  • FINANCIAL EDUCATION: coordination of the financial education activities and Spanish representation in the International Financial Education Network of the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development [Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico].