Banco de España

The Bank of Spain is a public organization, with its own legal personality and full powers under public and private law, which acts independently from the government administration.

 It has the status of governing body of the Public Debt Book-Entry Market.

 The Bank performs the following functions in relation to the Public Debt Market:

  • 1. Financial agent for Public Debt.
  • 2. Provision of management services to the Treasury in relation with the Debt market.
  • 3. Management of the Book-Entry System (See Accounting records: the Book-Entry System).
  • 4. Supervision of market operation and transparency.
  • 5. It lays down the rules governing the transactions carried out between members and, together with the Treasury, determines the specific regulations affecting such institutions while overseeing and assessing their activity.
  • 6. Since 1990, it has also acted as a Management Institution for resident individuals or legal entities wishing to hold their debt holdings in securities accounts at the Bank of Spain itself -the so-called Direct Accounts.