Estadísticas de la deuda

Whole Bulletin

Outstanding Debt

  • Central Government Debt: Nominal outstanding amounts
  • Government Debt: Average maturity
  • Euro - denominated Government Debt: Average interest rate outstanding debt

Government debt by holder

  • Unstripped Government Bonds
  • Treasury Bills
  • Total unstripped Government Debt
  • Stripped Government Bonds
  • Foreing-currency denominated Government Debt Breakdown by currencies of denomination

Government Funding

  • Government funding evolution in 2015
  • Domestic Government Debt: Yields of new issues
  • Government Debt auctions (2015-2014): Nominal issued and yields
  • T-Bills and Government Bonds and inflation linked bonds auctions (2001-2015): marginal interest rates
  • Government Debt: Net financing 2015 and 2014
  • Government Debt: Annual maturity profile (2015-2064)

Secundary market

  • Treasury Bills Turnover
  • Non stripped Government Bonds Turnover
  • Stripped Government Bonds turnover
  • Total turnover
  • Electronic Market and Interdealer Brokers (monthly totals)

Strips market

  • Stripping/reconstituting and trading (monthly totals)
  • Strip market without CAC's. Situation as of a 31st December 2014
  • Strip market with CAC's. Situation as of 31st December 2014