Most of the information of the portal is in XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) standard format, which is accessible to all Users. However, Users may find other formats. The information stored on these other formats can be accessed as described below:

PDF Format:

Many documents are in "Portable Document Format", which are usually used to preserve the content and composition of the documentation and printed publications.  In order to see PDF documents (.pdf extension) you will need a PDF reader. PDF readers can be found on the Free Software Foundation Europe: (FSFE) or you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader®. Both can be downloaded from their respective websites for free; although the FSFE link is commercially neutral, because it is a non-profit organisation.

Excel Format :

 based on the documentation in Microsoft Excel® (extensions .xls, .csv) format and will be displayed directly if you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. For those who do not have this software, Microsoft offers a free viewer for Excel document, which can be downloaded from the Excel Viewer page.

A free Excel document viewer (Calc) can also be used and which can be found on from the Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit entity aimed at creating free software.

For statistical data files published in .csv format, please refer to the CSV viewing recommendations (Comma Separated Values).